Wedding planning service fees explained

Posted 2 years ago

Wedding planners offer various pricing fees.
Our Professional Wedding Planner explains how Wedding Planners charge and how the fees are calculated.
Understanding wedding planning pricing fee structures ~

1. Standard fee.
Regardless of the size of your wedding or your budget some Wedding Planners prefer to work with a standard fixed fee.
The standard fee is a fixed price. We recommend you carefully confirm all the inclusions in this wedding package fee. Keep in mind that no two weddings are the same and a standard fee will not suit all couples.

2. Percentage of your budget.
Some wedding planning companies prefer to charge couples the percentage system. Their fee will be based on a percentage of your total wedding budget. If you choose this option, ensure you establish a price cap with your Wedding Planner as wedding budgets can easily change during the wedding planning process.

3. By the hour.
It will be difficult for you to accurately estimate how much you’ll spend on your wedding planner, which will be a major component of your budget.
The ‘pay as you go’ system might seem affordable at first, but can end up costing you a lot more than you originally budgeted for. Many hours of time and research are needed to properly plan and coordinate a wedding. Our advice, please don’t under estimate the amount of hours required by your Wedding Planner to professionally plan your wedding day.

4. Bespoke. Belle Weddings preferred pricing structure. A fee based on your wedding, your needs and your budget.
The bespoke wedding planning service fee system allows us to talk in-depth about your budget and what your expectations and needs are for your wedding day, therefore allowing flexibility and alterations to be made to our services.
The wedding planning fee we quote at the beginning of your wedding planning is a bespoke and fixed service fee which will not change even if your personal wedding budget increases throughout the wedding planning process. This upfront and bespoke wedding planning fee is inclusive of our time, involvement and event staff required to professionally plan your wedding day.

For further information on our bespoke services and fees please visit our Wedding Planning Services and Bespoke Services information pages.

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