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Posted 3 years ago

You’re invited!
Not sure what to give the couple for a wedding gift?
Take the guess work out by following a few simple rules.

Most couples will register with a wedding registry list, either online or in a store.

Allowing guests to access registries online is very convenient and many stores offer this option.
If you prefer to purchase in person you can access the selection in the store where the couple has their bridal registry set up.
Choose a gift from the price bracket you feel comfortable with from the couple’s selection and you are guaranteed to buy a gift they will love!

Many couples now have a wedding website that links to their online registry as well.
A wedding website is the perfect place for the wedding registry and wedding information to be added.

Mailing registry information to guests prior to the wedding day is recommended.

To assist guests with purchasing a wedding gift we recommend that couples have more than one registry.

Couples can choose one registry at a high end store, another at a less expensive with some fun gift alternatives. You want to give your guests choice and variety.

Remember to add fun and interesting items to your registry list. Not all guests want to give you a practical kitchen item and would prefer to give you something beautiful or fun to enjoy.

A complete price range is a great idea.
Don’t be afraid to add the expensive items. Multiple guests may purchase a gift together and therefore spend more on the wedding gift.

Honeymoon registries are also popular. The couple would set this up as a monetary gift fund.
Wishing wells are also very popular and will have a designated area at the reception for cards to be placed.
If either of these options are the couple’s preference they will also advise guests on their wedding website or mail information to their wedding guests prior to the wedding day.

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