Wedding ceremony music. Understanding the formalities of music at your wedding ceremony.

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Wedding Ceremony music. Prelude, Processional, Ceremony, Recessional and Postlude.

The prelude music is welcoming music for your wedding guests.

It should be harmonious and calm, designed to set a tone of relaxed composure for your guests and alleviating any stresses of travelling they may have experienced when driving to your wedding location.

Your wedding musicians would usually start the prelude music about 15 – 30 minutes before the ceremony begins and as your guests start to arrive.

The processional music refers to the formal entrances of family members and the bridal party.
There are often two songs during the processional. A song for the bridesmaids entrance followed by another specially chosen song for the bride.

There can be special songs played throughout the ceremony as well.
After exchanging of the rings and vows, lighting the unity candle, or taking communion and during the signing of the marriage certificates.

Recessional is the formal exit from the ceremony.

The recessional music is usually more upbeat and is played as the bride, groom and bridal party exit the ceremony.

This is the music played after the recessional as guests exit the ceremony area.
It is the music to conclude the wedding ceremony service and is also upbeat and joyous.

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