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Posted 4 years ago

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Thinking of having your wedding dress made by a bridal gown designer? Here a few tips and considerations we wanted to share.

Shapes and designs.

Silhouettes ~ The silhouette is the basic shape and contour of the gown. The silhouette creates the shape that will flatter different body shapes and types.

The most common silhouettes are: The Ball Gown, Classic ‘A’ line, Sheath, Mermaid and Empire.

With so much choice and advice it is important to choose a gown that reflects and suits your personal tastes and individual personality, as well as the formality of your wedding day.

When shopping for your perfect wedding gown the goal is to find a style that not only compliments your body shape but also to find a style that you feel comfortable and beautiful in and makes you feel amazing on your wedding day! It is so important to consider the formality of your wedding day. The formality of the occasion will help you to decide which styles are more appropriate.

When ordering your wedding dress you must consider the ‘lead time’. This is the time between placing and confirming an order with a deposit, to receiving the finished product.

Clarify the precise date you expect your wedding dress to be completed. One week before your wedding day is ideal. One week will allow time to make minor adjustments if required.

When designing a dress from the beginning it is important to ask your wedding dress designer exactly what their fee includes. Does the fee include the toile, pattern, cut and make? You should also ask if the final quote includes the fabrics.

Due to pre-wedding nerves and anticipation it is common for weight to change leading up to your wedding day.

To avoid any misunderstanding with your wedding dress designer be sure to clarify if you will be charged any additional fees for alterations once the dress is collected.

Once you have decided on your wedding gown it is time to discuss the finishing details such as accessories with your designer. Accessories such as veils, headpieces and jewellery. Each accessory should compliment the wedding gown. The accessories should match the formality of the wedding day and enhance the gown, not compete with it. The ultimate goal is to feel comfortable and appropriate with your choice of clothing and accessories from head to toe!

We recommend and encourage that you try gowns on from bridal boutiques that stock ‘ready to wear’ or sample gowns.

Remember, bridal gowns are a different shape and fit to fashion dress styles. It’s a great idea to invite your wedding planner, Mum, best friend, sister or maid of honour to help you make your final decision.

Your dress designer can make recommendations as they are the experts in styling and designing to specific body shapes as well as being able to make suggestions on which styles best suit your figure.

Buying a wedding dress is such an important decision and most girls dream of their special wedding dress for years before their wedding day.

Allow plenty of time to shop around for your perfect dress. It is never too early to begin planning every aspect of your wedding day!

Love Belle xx

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