Guest etiquette..are you the perfect wedding guest?

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We often discuss wedding etiquette with our couples and there is a lot of advice about how to be a great host. But remember being a charming and good guest is equally important!

Start with the invitation!

Invitations will give you detailed information such as the date and time, where the wedding is being held, who the hosts are and what the dress code is. The names on the envelope and invitation are the people who are actually invited.
For example, if your invitation is addressed to Miss A. Joy, then you are the only person who is invited. If the invitation is addressed to Miss A. Joy and Guest, then it is you and plus one.

Children are only invited if the invitation is addressed to Mr. & Mrs Joy and (child/children’s names).¬†
Never assume that children are invited unless it’s been clearly stated on the invitation and envelope.

RSVP. This simply means a “please reply” is requested…

Please reply efficiently if you are attending, don’t wait to the last minute. If you cannot attend, a simple response without explanation is perfect ~ “Thank you for your kind invitation, sorry we can’t attend” will suffice.

How to reply.. Please don’t reply via text message unless the invitation was sent to you via a text message!

If a phone number is given after the RSVP words then your host would prefer a phone call from you with your reply.
Should your invitation be sent by email, then an email RSVP is preferred.
Your email reply should only be sent to the host, not to ‘reply all’.

Good guest etiquette ~

  • RSVP promptly.
  • Only invited guests should attend.
  • Take a gift as stated on the invitation (cash, gift registry, other)
  • Don’t arrive late. All weddings run on strict time lines…15 minutes late is fashionably late, anything more is unforgivably late.
  • Remember, the wedding ceremony is what you will be celebrating at the wedding reception. If you are invited to the wedding ceremony then please attend and enjoy the days proceedings!
  • Be a gracious guest. Participate in the party by talking to other guests and any activities that may be provided.
  • Dress appropriately. Most invitations will advise you on preferred dress code. If the dress code is casual or black tie, see our advice on “from¬†Casual to Black tie.
  • If there is no dress code on the invitation, then be sure to check with your host first.
  • Know when to leave the party.
  • Thank your host twice. At the end of the party when you leave and again after the celebration with a short note or phone call.

Love Belle xx
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