Wedding day styling, the finishing touches..

Posted 4 years ago

This week we have been working on themes and styling for our upcoming Spring and Summer weddings. So to answer our couples’ questions as to how they can make their wedding day different to others, we thought we would share a few of our insights with you.

The finishing touches of a wedding will personalise and make your wedding day unique.

From the design of your wedding gown, the Groom’s suit, colours, wedding stationery, flowers, cake, bonbonniere, style of cars, entertainment, catering and of course the wedding venue you choose will determine your wedding day theme.

All of these elements need to come together to create a cohesive ‘style’ and ‘theme’ on the wedding day.
So, how do you begin to choose a style for your wedding day?

A great way to narrow down your ideas and to begin on a wedding day style is to consider your wedding venue choice carefully.
Are you looking for a wedding venue with a glamorous theme or is a vintage inspired manor more your style? Maybe an outdoor, casual and relaxed setting might be more appropriate and suited to your ideal wedding day.

Your choice of wedding venue will determine and influence your wedding day styling theme…our advice is to choose a wedding venue and location you absolutely love!

A few of our tips for choosing your wedding venue ~ keep the wedding ceremony and wedding reception close to each other, you don’t want to waste precious time on your wedding day travelling too far.
If you choose an outdoor wedding venue be sure to check if there is appropriate space and equipment in case of bad weather, a contingency plan is recommended!
Food and catering is so important, don’t forget to sample before you book your wedding venue or wedding day caterer.
Check the venue’s capacity. Can they cater for the number of guests you are inviting.
Can the venue support the style of wedding and entertainment you would like to provide.

The colours you choose will feature greatly on your wedding day. Go with your heart and choose colours that evoke emotions and feel right for you.

Your wedding day flowers should be carefully considered as a major styling element on your special day. You want to be sure you love your bridal bouquet as you will be holding this for most of the day! Choose flowers you love and a style of bouquet that you feel comfortable holding.

Your reception decorations will add so much character to your wedding day and should include items that are related to the theme.

The European custom of giving your guests a bonbonniere as a way to thank them for coming to your wedding has become extremely popular.
It’s a pleasure for couples to give their wedding guests a small memento of their wedding day. Choose a gift which also ties in with your wedding day theme.

When planning your wedding day, follow your heart and choose the colours and designs that you absolutely love.
Your wedding day planning should be fun! By choosing styling elements that you both adore, your wedding day theme will come together before your very eyes!

Love Belle xx

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