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Q. Who hires Wedding Planners and why?

Despite popular belief it is not just celebrities who hire Wedding Planners. Many couples prefer leaving the planning of such an important event to a trained professional.

Planning your wedding is a mammoth task, keeping in mind that on average a wedding takes 250 hours to organise – that’s six weeks of full time work! Which is also why many couples choose to call in the experts.

Few couples are able to spend the amount of time required to plan a wedding. Our Clients are busy couples who realise that our professional skills can help them create their dream wedding day.

Our Clients recognise that we have the knowledge, the time and organisational skills to plan a beautiful and memorable wedding.
Wedding planners are hired for many reasons but the most important is to ensure that the planning process is efficient and worry free, and of course enjoyable for all involved.

We are like the perfect best friend! Our first priority is to satisfy the wishes of the bride and groom.

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Being a wedding trend expert, fashion consultant, etiquette adviser, problem solver… and this is just the start! Wedding Planners are often called upon to handle all sorts of emotions and to comfort nervous brides.

  • We offer experience, professional resources and most importantly our time to very busy couples!
  • We can handle the finest details and finishing touches as well as manage the entire wedding day.
  • We provide creative inspiration and sound advice.
  • We can present you with a style and design for your wedding day.
  • We can hire and co-ordinate all of the wedding day suppliers.
  • We are trained to handle the most delicate tasks and smooth out any hiccups that may occur on the day.

If you decide to hire a Wedding Planner we will be able to take a lead role in helping and ensuring that even the basic of details will not be overlooked.

Attention to detail and forward thinking is what we are good at! We give every detail enough thought to ensure a wedding worth remembering!

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Q. What will a Wedding Planner cost?

We will provide you with an upfront and firm wedding planning service fee once we know your wedding planning requirements.

Please contact us for a no obligation and bespoke wedding planning quote.

Hiring a Wedding Planner can even save you money…

We have strong relationships with the most reputable bridal suppliers and we are aware of extra costs associated with weddings – we can help you avoid a budget blowout!

Q. How can Belle help?

Organising weddings is what we do. We have the resources, expertise and knowledge to add that extra element to your special day.
Belle strives to offer our clients professional, personal, friendly and also goal oriented planning services.

We hold the International Wedding Planning Professional™ designation. You can relax knowing your wedding day will be handled by a trained and qualified Wedding Planning Professional. We have the skills and creativity to plan a superb wedding day that meets both your goals and budget requirements.

Q. I don’t want to lose control. Can I still hire a Wedding Planner?

Yes! We offer bespoke wedding planning services.

Every wedding is unique and has its own special requirements and style. Having an eye for detail and listening to your ideas and wedding day dreams is how we plan your perfect day.

You also hire our Wedding Planner to ensure your goals are met and the planning process is efficient and worry free.

Remember it is your wedding, so it’s all about what you want !

For real weddings that we have managed, styled, planned or co-ordinated, visit our gallery!

We’d love to meet with you for a complimentary consultation and to discuss your wedding day ideas.

Belle xx Creating a celebration that is uniquely yours and ‘beautiful’.



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