From casual to black tie!

Posted 4 years ago

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From casual to black tie, confused about what to wear?

Confused about the differences between casual / informal, semi formal, lounge suit, formal and black tie?

Belle is here to help! If you’re not sure what attire is appropriate for wearing to a wedding, we’ve put together a few simple rules to follow.

Casual / informal ~ Casual pants teamed with a collared shirt, light jumper, sports jacket, no tie.

Ladies ~ A pretty sundress or jumpsuit with appropriate accessories.

Semi formal ~  A suit in an appropriate colour or dress pants, sports jacket and tie.

Ladies ~ A cocktail dress that is feminine, short or longer with matching accessories.

Lounge suit ~ Think business suit! A darker suit worn with a white shirt and tie.

For a less formal afternoon wedding, a lighter colour suit is acceptable.

And for the Ladies ~ A shorter dress or outfit rather than formal attire is perfect!

Formal ~ If the wedding invitation says formal, then a dark suit and tie must be worn.

Ladies ~ A long or dressy shorter cocktail dress styled with beading, accessories and a wrap.

Black tie ~ If the invite says black tie, then a tuxedo is a must.

Ladies ~ Long gown, extra glitz is perfectly acceptable! This is the ideal wedding for wearing glamorous accessories, furs, pearls and diamonds!

Tuxedos are traditionally worn after 6pm, with the only exception being for a late afternoon wedding followed by a formal evening reception.

If the invitation doesn’t specify the formality of the wedding, then simply use your good judgement!  For a daytime wedding, a light coloured suit and soft floral dress and for evening, a little black dress and darker suit will take you almost anywhere !

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